Titan Attacks: Review

There are reasons why the classics are the classics, and quite often it comes down to a simple yet thrilling game dynamic. This was the case for Space Invaders, first released by Taito in 1978. Here was a game that was incredibly simple to play, but brutally tough to master.

Titan Attacks takes more than one leaf out of Space Invaders’ book. In fact, the homage is so direct that one could easily call Titan Attacks a Space Invaders clone. The only real differences come in the form of pace and upgrades.

Like Space Invaders, this game will have the player moving left and right, and firing at enemies at the top of the screen. There really isn’t much more to it.

But the complexity of the game doesn't come from its control scheme. Rather, the break-neck pace that it offers is one source of this. You’ll get through the 100 levels on offer really quickly, because the game is that fast. Then it will (in the age old tradition) start at level one again, with increased difficulty.

Another source of complexity comes from the upgrading system. Destroying enemies earns the player cash, which can be spent on various ship upgrades. These can make the game much easier than it should be, but the satisfaction of destroying hordes of aliens is still there.

Titan Attacks is not a perfect game by any means, but it does provide the player with online leader boards and seemingly endless, mindless alien bashing fun. It gets a little easy towards the end, even for the five boss battles on offer, but it is a brilliant time-waster when all is said and done.


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