Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, The Adventure Never Ends

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the first expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn, featuring two new key plot points and introducing a number of features, areas and levels to the popular online multiplayer from Square Enix.

The lore of Final Fantasy XIV is set in the world known as Hydaelyn and within it, the realm that is Eorzea. It is here within the towering mountains in the north, and bleak stretch of desert in the south that the story unfolds.

The bloody thousand-year long conflict between Ishgard and Dravia, called Dragonsong, will be one of the two key plot points players will participate in. The other is The Wyrmking’s battle against Thordan and the Knights Twelve.

An introduction to two new job roles will be part of the Heavensward launch. The healing class based on support spells will be the Astrologian, drawing their power from the stars. The gunner-type class employing ranged and physical damageper-second will be the Machinist. Both of these jobs will be part of the classes released with the expansion, with the tank class Dark Knight.

Loot and drops from raids is what makes MMORPGs, and Heavensward will include a new raid: the Goblins have summoned a primal essence within the gigantic, abandoned Mechanical Fortress Alexander; Alexander must be defeated.

The Collector’s Edition will include an art book featuring amazing artwork from the development team as well as and video disc with unknown content at the moment. Part of the Collectors Edition will be unique in-game items which include a flying Griffin mount, a Cecil inspired headpiece for the Dark Knight class and a Wind-Up Kain minion.

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