Funk Of Titans: Review

Funk Of Titans is the kind of game we really want to like, because the premise is great, but unfortunately it fails to deliver on the potential promise of being a music-themed endless runner in some fairly obvious ways. Take the boss battles: the game’s three worlds, each themed after a distinct musical genre, offer occasional QTE battles against grunts and titans. But we’re not sure why these button sequences feel so distinct from the backing music this seems like the perfect opportunity to turn a QTE into rhythm action, but it hasn’t been taken. And while the enemies are visually distinctive, they’d have stuck in the memory so much better with vocal battle themes.

Such missed opportunities are common throughout the game. For a title based on music, the audio accompaniment is surprisingly generic the tunes themselves could have come from any low-budget Crash Bandicoot clone of the Nineties. The visuals don’t do a bad job of conveying the game’s intended personality, but there’s a sense that any sense of humour is being repressed the only time you ever see it is when you take a hit and end up in your underwear. The other key problem with Funk Of Titans is that it doesn't offer the variety or challenge of other games in the runner genre. When compared to other top games such as Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien, Funk Of Titans offers fewer ways to interact with the world you run through, and doesn’t do anything as clever with the moves and obstacles it does offer. The game is also short and fairly easy you can clock it in only a few hours, and if you’ve got a modicum of experience with platform games the game proves to be something of a pushover.

Some games fail to impress because they lack key ingredients of a good release, but Funk Of Titans doesn't have that problem. There’s nothing wrong with what Funk Of Titans does every aspect of the game is produced with a degree of competence. Unfortunately, it’s competence that isn't backed by any form of inspiration, leading to a game which is thoroughly workmanlike. With a little more time and budget, we suspect that Funk Of Titans would have been a game that stood out from the crowd but it wasn't to be, so look elsewhere for a runner.

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