Oh My Gore!: Revenge is best served pixelated

To be a deity is hard enough, worse when the “good” gods banish you from the realm of the living to suffer in solitude. So it is with much glee when ages of pent up anger unleash wrath on all who dared to cause such harm; it is time to exact much needed revenge. With an army of orcs, zombies, skeletons trolls, warg-riders, witches, as the villain to the people, it is time to wage war against the forces of good.

Oh My Gore! is a title incorporating real-time strategy with tower defence gameplay. Conquering enemy castles and keeps and while defending own territory, is the core aspect of the title, with a focus on the fact that the player will be an evil god bent on causing havoc upon the world. Utilizing the army of monstrous creatures and the ever necessary Fortress of Evil, the elves, angels, paladins and mages on the other side of the battlefield will not be able to withstand.

Pixelated artwork reminiscent of old school tower defence games, complete with a top-down view, will be the style of the title. A pixel-liquid system for flowing lava, water and blood will ensure the massacres are bloody and levels dynamic; a burst dam could flood camps or lava consume troops.

Cited to be offering at least 7 to 8 hours of gameplay in the narrated campaign, a selection of side quests of which some include recruiting heroes into the fold, and other elements taken from the RPG genre, look to give this title a unique perspective on the popular tower defence genre.

Oh My Gore! will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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