Penarium: Welcome to the cirque d’impale

Looks a bit like mario bros.
No, you look a little bit like Mario Bros. Sorry, we’re just being needlessly aggressive you have a good point. It’s a fixed-screen 2D platformer, just like the original Mario Bros, but instead of wallowing around some sewers stomping on turtles, you’re at a circus.

Ooh, a circus! i love them.
Not this one you don’t, because the ringmaster is a bloody psychopath armed with more sadistic gadgetry than your dentist. thus your primary objective is just to stay alive, as the unseen ringmaster pelts you with waves of deadly horrors ranging from circular saws to flamethrowers to waves of angry bees.

Hmm. a fixed-screen game where all you do is survive doesn’t exactly have me ‘trampoline’ to the shops…
Hey, leave the circus puns to the professionals, kid. While seemingly slight at first (there are just three screens in total), in practice it makes for a heart-pumping score attack because you never know which deadly contraption is going to come at you next. While you can play competitively, the highlight for us is the co-op, where both of you have to stand on your corresponding buttons at the same time to trigger the next wave. If you both die at the same time, the game ends.

Wow. Sounds like that ringmaster is really going for… the juggler.
I told you, we do the circus puns around here you trapeze, um, oh. We got nothing.

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