Rugby 15: Review

First, the bad news: Rugby 15 is terrible. It looks awful, plays worse and is riddled with more bugs than a head lice outbreak at a primary school.

Rugby 15’s archaic and calamitous engine is so bad it’s almost funny. Players fall over for no reason. They run out of play while unopposed. And you’ll even see players teleport into a tackling position from metres away. It’s that bad.

From the off, it’s a mess. Presentation is piecemeal at best, with no replays or a playable tutorial. Sloppy animations, especially on line-outs, slow the game to an arthritic pace. And the rampant glitches make the game almost unplayable. Such as diving for a try only to see our player spring back up, carry on running out of play and turn the ball over.

Rugby 15 has various union licences at its disposal (bar the international sides), but they’re not put to good use. cipriani, Burgess and more are present by name alone as they all play the same, apart from some differences in pace.

Tackles, passes and kicks feel alike, regardless of which player you’re controlling. Basics like the flow of passing are just plain wrong. Team-mates unnecessarily overlap the ball-carrier, and players chuck the ball into space numerous times. Even the simple pleasure of smashing men with tackles is oddly unsatisfying thanks to some shoddy collision detection.

Trying to find the positives is like trying to find the non battered bits on a flanker’s noggin it can’t be done. Okay, we like the bit where you sprint through the opposition as they part like the Red Sea. But on the 200th consecutive time it starts to lose its buzz and we’re back to realising just how broken Rugby 15 is.

To even think this broken nonsense is worth 40 notes is laughable, as this is about as bad as sports games get. The good news is that after reading these words you’ve hopefully saved yourself some cash. This really is worth rugger all.


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