Submerged: It’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from the BioShock team

Submerged. that’s the 2005 Seagal film, right?
yeah, Steven Seagal is finally hitting Xbox. er, no. It’s actually an exploration game, set in an crumbling, half-submerged metropolis which you a young girl, accompanied by her frail younger brother must navigate in your boat in order to fetch supplies. It’s developed by members of the dev team behind BioShock, so you know it’s going to be pretty good.

Hang on. hasn't the team had enough of submerged cities?
apparently not! ed orman, the founder and director of the studio, said the studio “didn’t see any connection” at first, but that once it was pointed out it seemed a bit obvious. “I like my escapism,” he said. “I often looked at BioShock and wished  that I could play it like an adventure game.”

So it’s the bioShock that never was?
not necessarily it’s far more serene and only half submerged. orman wanted to focus on player choice: the world can be “explored and unravelled, or simply enjoyed”. more importantly, though, you can’t die. “there are no failure cases,” orman says. “We were pretty nervous about what people would think of a game where you can’t die.”

Aw, death’s my favourite thing in the world.
too bad. reception to the game has been great so far “massively positive and enthusiastic” and encompassing people of all ages. It’s a game that is “entirely player-driven”, so whether you want to discover more about the world, your reasons for being here, or just tend to miku’s gravely injured brother, taku, that’s entirely up to you.

Siblings, you say?
yup. miku and taku’s relationship is at the heart of the story, beginning with miku nursing her brother back to health with the supplies scattered around the ruins. It slowly opens up into a larger storyline about the events that brought them to the city, and the mysteries held within. We think it sounds intriguing we’re excited to find out more nearer the release date.

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