Sunset Overdrive: Mystery of the Mooil Rig DLC

The real mystery of Mooil Rig that inexplicable cow/oil pun aside is who it’s actually aimed at. who reached the end credits hankering for more fetch quests? surely no completionist is masochistic enough to want more collectibles on top of the existing 750?

Yet here we are, grinding around an oil rig in search of 20 inflatable Ufos (unneeded fetchable objectionables) and collecting three of something to trigger another torrent of dated pop culture gags. sorry to sound forlorn i actually like the main game but Mystery of the Mooil Rig plays to Sunset Overdrive’s worst habits.

The rig’s vertiginous network of platforms is a bad match for Sunset’s acrobatics, swapping the forward momentum of the city for knotty climbing and ceilings to bash your head against. no wonder two key missions see a mecha-bryllcream simply pick you up and throw you at the destination the alternative is dire. new dives that let you chain water traversal are a smart new addition, though even these are wasted on two very simple chase sequences. at least this Jesus routine is transferable to the main city, where it makes the canals a more viable route.
Who reached the end credits hankering for more fetch quests?
Weirdest of all is how the DLC manages to blend the half-assed seven new challenges, a trap, and two amps and weapons hardly set the world on fire (flamethrower aside, of course) and the unnecessarily overblown, such as a rig-dwarfing boss that turns up to be offed in one of the game’s easier fights. the best Dlc uses the power of hindsight to hone its appeal; Mystery of the Mooil Rig blusters on regardless.

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