The Devil’s Men: There is something strange going on in old England

Who would have thought that point-and-click adventure games would be making a comeback in 2015? Well, that is exactly what Daedalic Entertainment is trying to do with their newest title The Devil’s Men.

Details are actually a bit scarce to come by, but it was written by Kevin Mentz and takes place in 1871 England. The player is on a mission to solve a number of murders which have been sweeping the English countryside.

The point-and-click adventure game will have gamers take control of the many main characters as they try to figure exactly what is going on while uncovering the mystery of The Devil’s Men. Exactly who they are, what they want and how they go about their business is all up for investigation.

The style of the game play might be from gaming’s heyday, but it won’t solely be based on it. The Devil’s Men will incorporate story telling techniques and mechanics that many players will be familiar with, such as a choice system.

Saying the wrong thing or acting in a specific manner will determine the outcome of the plot, a mechanic which often ensure that players will come back to the title more often, and even play the game several times to get different endings.

Writer Kevin Mentz summed it up rather nicely when he said it presents something new: “I wanted to show that transition also as a transition from a historically somehow real era into something fantastical. You could describe it as the origin story of a new steampunk universe.”

It definitely looks to be rather interesting, and we haven’t seen a decent point-and-click adventure game in a long time. So maybe this one will be it...

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