The Elder Scrolls Online: Xbox One’s first MMO is so close we can almost taste it

When you delay a game for over a year April 2014 to June 2015 you absolutely need to come back with a bang to get people’s attention all over again. Honestly, Bethesda didn’t quite hit that high note with the re-announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online now with the added subtitle of Tamriel Unlimited. But the re-reveal did tell us that, as of the game’s Xbox One release, the game’s monthly subscription fee will be dropped which is, let’s be fair,a good move on the studio’s part.

You will still be able to pay a subscription if you so choose, and doing so will give players access to premium extras, benefits and free in-game money to buy nice pointy hats with. It’s certainly not life-changing, but it does seem like a very smart move by Bethesda console MMOs have often struggled in the past, and it wouldn't be a surprise in the slightest if this was down to the fact that players didn't like having to pay a monthly sub on top of their Xbox Live membership. Now, it’s just a matter of choice.

As for the game itself? Well, it’s seen a lukewarm reception on PC since its launch last year, though things have slowly been turning around as the months and the updates have rolled on. While the building blocks are there, it’s a vast open fantasy world and players have the freedom to explore and make their way as they see fit, there are complaints of the whole thing feeling a bit empty. Hopefully when  Tamriel Unlimited hits the Xbox One with all the PCs updates ready-installed things will be more positive, because this absolutely is the kind of game we’d be happy to get lost in for hundreds of hours.

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