Vampyr: Will Life is Strange dev’s new outing be bloody good or just plain suck?

Despite its slightly archaic spelling (it’s how the word first surfaced in 1734, vampire fact fans) newly announced RPG Vampyr looks set to be the most exciting thing to happen to vampires since factor 8,000 sunscreen.

Unfolding in a grim, post-World War I city that looks more than a little bit like London, Vampyr is the story of a doctor that’s you struggling through the Spanish ’flu epidemic of 1918. As if that wasn’t enough to take care of, your beleaguered medicine man is soon bitten by a disturbed patient who turns out to be a vampire and no, we won’t be making a Dr Acula joke. We’re better than that.

With the vampiric disease coursing through your well-meaning veins, the game becomes an intense tale of balancing your search for a cure because for some obscure reason health services have never been too keen on hiring those who feed off bodily fluids and succumbing to your rapidly growing blood lust.
Dontnod is making a name for itself by trying something new
The studio behind Vampyr, Dontnod Entertainment, gave us the action-adventure memory recovery game, Remember Me, and also this month’s Life is Strange, an episodic teen drama with a time-travelling sci-fi twist . Stepping neatly around the whole typecasting thing, Dontnod is making a name for itself by trying something new with every world it creates. Unless, of course, Vampyr features a weird  subplot about hiding your clandestine weed stash from your fascist step-dad. It won’t.

Given that the game is an RPG, we can probably expect combat, exploration and some sort of levelling system, but whether you’ll be fighting off hordes of the damned or just sweaty invalids hawking mucus up at you is yet to be confirmed.

The tagline, ‘Take blood. Save a life’, could give a clue as to what the game’s about working that balance between your doctor tendencies and your blood-guzzling, fang-sinking new persona. Maybe somehow you can work that whole pesky vampire thing to your advantage…

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