Batman: Arkham Knight, The Knight is darkest just before the dawn…

Who’d have thought that an action game about not killing things would turn out so well?  It turns out that Batman has enough going on under his cape to keep us interested, even when there’s no bloodshed involved. Who needs guns when you’ve got explosive gel or an anti-personnel grappling hook? The reaction to the combat system in the Arkham series has been fascinating where some players despair of its repetitive function, others can’t get enough, chaining combos like there’s no tomorrow, proving that not only are they Gotham’s greatest detective, but also its most dangerous brawler.

The newest entry in the Arkham quadrilogy promises to double-down on the combat, addressing concerns raised on the last Batman game’s release the non-Rocksteady developed Arkham Origins. Now that the franchise is back in the hands of its true parent, though, we’re expecting Bats to be in the best shape he’s ever been… almost like he’s just come back from having his spine shattered by Bane.

Asylum’s Atmosphere Felt a little bit summery like you were trapped in a glasshouse on a steamy night. City was the exact opposite; it was all wintry, cold, snowy. Knight targets a less extreme season since Batman is in his twilight years, we’re seeing him operate in autumn… which makes us think the storyline is actually going to follow one of the more disturbing and intense Batman arcs – The Long Halloween.

You Might Notice Batman’s armour is a little different to what you’d have seen in City or Asylum that’s because the team at Rocksteady has intentionally redesigned his suit to pair up with the Batmobile. The new design really comes down to cosmetic realism there’s now armour over the top of Bats’ cape, and his chest piece has been shaped for velocity and launching out of his car.

The Biggest Omission from the Batman games so far has been the Batmobile. Throwing the armoured vehicle in just for the sake of it wouldn’t have been too satisfying, though, so Rocksteady has made sure to give it extra functionality. The Batmobile’s inclusion adds an interesting extra flourish to the missions, and we’re hoping the car can be used to fulfil other objectives, too.

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