Darkest Dungeon: Equip +5 clean underwear for this psychological RPG

Fight the spawn of hell and your characters’ fears in this side-scrollin’, dungeon-delvin’ RPG that’s taking a couple of pointers from XCOM’s handbook.

First off, it has turn-based combat. Second, and most importantly, it forces players to manage the stress levels of their hardy team. If they’re spooked while creeping around in the darkness, they’ll freak out and become uncontrollable, which is not what you want in the heat of battle. But you can allow your team to gamble, pray and more, and they’ll calm down and come back swinging. all hell has literally broken loose in the depths of a grand manor, and it’s up to your band of four unique fighters to send ungodly beasts back to the flames. The twist on the theme here is that these characters are either positively or negatively affected by battles in the long run, which adds another layer of team management.

Of course as RPG lore dictates, the depth of the action demands you pick just the right equipment and provisions for your team of four crusaders to conquer what lies beneath. You do this by visiting the Estate an enemy-free zone where you can plan your next moves, upgrade characters, and possibly indulge in a quick therapy session. You can recruit helpers, too. Just don’t forget to stock up on fiery torches to shed light on proceedings and slow the stress levels of your crew. Colour us optimistic for this one.

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