Far Cry 4: Revisited

It may be difficult to believe, but there’s a way to improve on a game that actively encourages you to take down helicopters with an RPG from the saddle of a mighty elephant. There’s a way to make a game that pushes you to harness the terrifying brute strength of tigers to clear out outposts a game that gives you the tools to aerial assault enemies from the peak of a mountain even batshit crazier. If you haven’t had the chance to sample Far Cry 4’s array of multiplayer modes, it might be time to return to Ubisoft’s most competent release of 2014.

Inviting a co-op partner into your world alters the game considerably, increasing the fun factor without diluting what made it great to begin with. Planning stealthy attacks on heavily guarded fortresses gives you the freedom to really mess around with Far Cry 4’s fantastic physics and AI systems twisting and warping them to create a special brand of emergent chaos that we’ve come to love revelling in.

You’ll have the opportunity to attempt some truly wild combinations of firepower, traversal and wildlife, especially if you’re in constant communication with your co-op partner. Sniping marked targets while your partner sneaks in for up-close assassinations, bait placement and sabotage is a great way to ramp the chaos factor up to eleven before you’ve even leaped on the back of your buddy’s gyrocopter and begun raining AK fire in from above. If you’re bored of Far Cry 4’s slightly mundane objectives and collectible hunting, the sublime co-op is a great way to spice up the experience.
“It creates a special brand of emergent chaos that we’ve come to love revelling in”
Of course, for those of you averse to co-op, there is a competitive mode though you might want to think twice about leaping into Battles Of Kyrat. At launch, Far Cry 4’s asymmetrical multiplayer suffered from population and sever issues, while these have been mostly cleared up, the experience isn’t as fun as it could or should be. Developed by Rainbow Six creators Red Storm Entertainment, it pits two teams of four against one another across a variety of game modes. They are fairly standard fare, tasking well-armed Golden Path warriors to fight back bow-toting Rakshasa mystics that are not only masters of stealth, but able to command the beasts found out in the forests.

Admittedly, it’s a pretty cool idea, and will entertain in short bursts, though the objectives aren’t in any way inspiring. Defend an outpost, deliver Demon Masks and bomb propaganda, it’ll get boring quickly. So many months on from launch, there’s a dedicated player base on the servers, but they have learnt the maps, camping zones and all the tricks to really dominate. For the regular players, it’s clearly a game of attrition now for the newbie, well, you’d better prepare to get utterly dominated.

Far Cry 4’s multiplayer offering is something of a mixed bag then, but it’s highly recommended that you give the co-op side a try. Truth be told, if you’re looking for something to play with a buddy and aren’t interested in Evolve, you might be better off giving this a try and setting the world of Kyrat on fire with your explosive not to mention ridiculous antics.


It wouldn’t be a Far Cry game without a robust map editor, and this is no exception. For those with bags of spare time, a little inspiration, and the drive to pile up loads of elephants, get in there and create some bloody amazing maps for the community to enjoy. As always, this is where some of the most fun is to be had and found in Far Cry. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for the maps you like.

Don’t worry if you’re not driving; the passenger seat of the co-op gyrocopter is awesome fun. Not only do you get a sensational view of Kyrat, but you also get the opportunity to lob grenades at anything stupid enough to move beneath you. Get creative and don’t forget to pack your wingsuit, it’ll help you create some truly insane assaults on enemy territory.

The objectives in Far Cry 4 are probably the most mundane part of the game. Instead, you’re better off ramping up the difficulty and assaulting the most difficult Outposts, areas and Fortresses. Utilising a variety of stealth and assault tactics not to mention local wildlife can create some pretty epic moments that you’ll want for your game clip profile showcase.

If you do make the almost certainly suicidal decision to jump into the Battles Of Kyrat multiplayer, try your hand at the Rakshasa soldiers. Not only are they only equipped with a bow, ensuring you need to make every shot count, but they can also turn invisible at a moments notice by crouching. Due to the lack of fire power, it forces you to rethink entire assault strategies it’s fun while it lasts.

With a co-op partner introduced to your game, you can just mess around and see what happens, the entire world is open to you. There aren’t many other games that let you create your own fun in this way, so try pissing off a bunch of local soldiers and having an explosive car race across the island. Try swatting each other out of the sky with grenade launchers and gyrocopters. You won’t regret it.

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