ISIS VideoGames: Tech-savvy terrorists hijack title so gamers can kill off US soldiers

An open-world, first-person shooter developed for Microsoft users by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive has been tweaked by ISIS hackers, so instead of gamers fighting against the terrorist network, they can now play as ISIS forces.

ARMA III lets gamers make their own modifications (mods) to anything from the appearance of characters to elements of the game play.

Tech-savvy ISIS members exploited this by turning the villain into the protagonist, and using the game as a cunning way to recruit impressionable young minds.

Jihadis are distributing the modified version of the game to children and young adults for free, hoping they’ll get a taste for mudering Westerners. One forum user posted, “I will, make dozens of copies of this game and distribute it for free...”

It’s not the first time ISIS have hijacked a game GTA was used to spread their word....
A trailer for an ISIS bootleg of GTA, titled Grand Theft Auto: Salil al-Sawarem (Clang of Swords), was released online in an attempt to “raise the morale and to train children and youth how to battle the West and to strike terror into the hearts of those who oppose the Islamic State.

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