Rise Of Incarnates: A new incarnation of an old formula as arena battling looks to the world of MOBAs

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything like Rise Of Incarnates. Adapted from the gameplay found in the Japanese game Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs, Rise Of Incarnates pits teams of Incarnates against each other in open 3D arenas, with both ranged weaponry and physical attacks at their disposal. Ranged weapons require time to recharge and physical attacks have limited range, so much of your success will depend on minimising dead time.

Rise Of Incarnates manages to include a number of interesting additions to the formula, many of which come from the team-based battles. While the special double-team attack is expected, as is the general chaos which arises from adding participants, the game’s approach to character balance is interesting. Players share a life bar, which depletes when characters respawn. More powerful fighters consume a lot of life, while weaker ones can respawn more often. The differences are tangible, and this extends to the fighters each plays very differently, with remarkable differences in agility, strength and strategic application. Players will need to consider character pairings carefully in order to maximise their chances of winning.
“ Rise of Incarnates is a mixed discipline game where shooters, fighters, MOBA game users can all bring their skills ”
The game seems to hold a great deal of potential to hook players in for the long term. For the players raised on the technicality of similar games such as Virtual On, there's ample room to explore mechanics, such as dash cancels, custom combos and each fighter's powerful awakened state, a temporary power boost that transforms the fighter and opens up new attacks. For those who enjoy pre-battle strategy, a system of ability upgrades allows you to tinker with attributes, such as melee strength and post-respawn health in order to build the best version of your Incarnate.

While Rise Of Incarnates displays plenty of potential, some of it may be lost if the game’s battle arenas aren’t made a little more interesting at present, they are visually appealing but offer few cover opportunities or other distinguishing features. Additionally, the free-to-play model may need refining. Currency earned during gameplay could only be used to purchase upgrades during our test, with all other purchases requiring real cash, including additional characters an approach that may put off players who come to enjoy multiple characters. Rise Of Incarnates will undoubtedly provide some valuable diversity within the free-to-play market, but if these issues can be addressed, it should snap the attention of a much wider audience.

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