Super Time Force Ultra

A parody of generic action movies and hokey time travel fiction, Super Time Force’s story and characters are suitably ridiculous. Don't worry about whether all that time travel stuff makes sense, though, because it’s a great excuse to send you to various periods throughout history. You will be able to, for example, visit the prehistoric era to battle vicious dinosaurs, travel to a post-apocalyptic Mad Max-like time period, and warp to the medieval era.

The primary mechanic behind Super Time Force is difficult to describe (though easy to comprehend once you have a controller in your hand). While shooting your way towards the end of a level, you can rewind time and start as a new character. Your previous run will still play out, however, allowing you to have a bunch of characters on screen attacking enemies at once. Indeed, constantly rewinding time and using multiple characters becomes necessary as the game gets harder.

Every time you rewind time in Super Time Force, you’ll be given the opportunity to switch to a new character. Naturally, each of them has their own attacks and special abilities that makes them useful in particular situations. Jef Leppard, for example, can fire a bouncing grenade that you can use to take out an enemy hiding in a nook below you, while the benefits of Aimy McKillen’s ability to spray ricocheting bullets and fire a charged shot through walls are pretty obvious.

The greatest thing about the PS4 version of Super Time Force is that it lets you play as our favourite, lovable, Antonio Banderas meme impersonating executive, Shuhei Yoshida. Shu uses his smartphone as a weapon, firing out deadly emoticons to take down enemies. His charge attack sends out powerful tweets reading “#STFU” or “I Love PS4!”. Surely this has to be the first time that the executive of a console company has been included as a playable character ? Hopefully, it’s not the last, because we’d be up for more Shu.

Once you start to get your head around how Super Time Force works, the compulsion to not only finish levels, but finish them with style, starts to creep in. That means you will want to complete levels as quickly as possible in order to boost your standings on the leader board, as well as collect all the Shards and Glorbs hidden throughout each one of Super Time Force’s levels.


One of the game’s starting characters, Rambois (no prizes for working out which famous action hero his name’s riffing on) fires single bullets as his standard attack. His charge attacks unleashes a three-pronged barrage of bullets that is very useful for clearing out clusters of weaker enemies.

A defensive character, Shieldy raises his shield to block and refl ect bullets. Charging and releasing the attack will create a circular energy shield that can damage enemies. You can also point the shield downwards and jump on their heads like a little ironclad Mario.

You can find Zackasaurus on the first stage of 1,000,000 BC. His standard attack is a bite. His charge attack fires poison that sticks to surfaces. Which is particularly useful against enemies that remain stationary…

Lou Don Jim wields a light sword which can be used to destroy bullets and projectiles (and to hit whatever’s shooting at you, obviously). His charge attack sees him lob his sword in a boomerang-like fashion.

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