Supernova: A MOBA blasting off into space

The multiplayer online battle arena genre is rooted in the real-time strategy genre, but where many modern MOBAs have stretched the concept to include first-person shooter and action elements, Primal Studios’ newest entry sticks close to home by doubling down on RTS foundations, allowing players to upgrade and choose their minions.

Deep in the heart of our galaxy a supernova pulses, ready to explode with enough force to eradicate all life in the galaxy. Only a few possess the technology to escape this massive blast, and there is limited room for those who make the journey. Therefore, the best warriors and champions from across the universe have converged on this supernova to do battle and see who will walk away with the means to save their race.

While Supernova’s fictional setting sounds suspiciously like Gearbox’s upcoming multi-player shooter, Battleborn, Primal Studios’ gameplay sticks closer to titles like DOTA and League of Legends. Players join a team of five heroes who run down lanes and destroy minion armies, with the ultimate goal of converging on the enemy’s main generator, which is called an auger.

Things diverge slightly from the norm in that players can upgrade the types of units that spawn from their base as well as combine items from drops to create accessories that further augment their heroes’ abilities.

All the same, a well-balanced and diverse roster of heroes is the most important aspect of any MOBA, and Supernova’s cast of commanders includes a variety of giant mecha-nized warriors, aliens who poison the ground beneath them, and cyborgs who unleash sniper-like blasts of energy. Bandai Namco gave us an exclusive look at two of these characters, B.R.O. and Reptus.

Terrible Thunder Lizard
Reptus belongs to a race known as the Veskar a proud yet ancient race of reptilian warriors who were nearly eradicated by a force known as the Faceless. During the final onslaught, Reptus was enslaved by the Faceless and forced to be a gladiator in their arena battles until he escaped and began scouring the universe for other Veskar survivors. Reptus’ talents make him an excellent jungle fighter, as he can take advantage of cloaking fields and surprise his foes. His Ascending Wrath ability lets him take out strong enemies fast, while his Pike Spiral area attack smashes a lot of little minions all at once. Reptus’ ultimate Death pike attack not only deals a lot of damage, but flings  the enemy behind Reptus and further into enemy lines.

The Warrior WALL-E
Short for Battle Robot Operations, B.R.O. was a robotic defense unit built by a private company during a galactic civil war. When the war came to an end, however, the company went out of business and most of its units were scrapped. Decades later, this GTL-360 unit rebooted itself and set off to find its place in the galaxy. B.R.O. is a mid-to-close range unit with a powerful, arm-mounted sword. While this warrior remains a strong fighter up close, he functions better in a group. His Whiplash skill-shot damages groups of enemies in a line, and his ‘Bring It!’ buff makes him resistant to basic attacks. B.R.O. can also root enemy commanders to the ground, giving his teammates a few easy shots at their opponent.

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