Toukiden: Kiwami, Twice as much fun

It’s not often you can say that a game or a series has created a genre by itself, but this is precisely what the Monster Hunter franchise has done. Officially billed as a thirdperson action RPG, Monster Hunter has launched a style of gameplay unique enough to warrant its own classification, and as usual there are games that have tried to emulate its success. While nothing has really come close enough to knock the creator from its lofty perch, especially with the latest game receiving almost universal praise, Tecmo Koei gave it a good shot with Toukiden: The Age of Demons last year, and now western gamers will soon be able to get their hands on the enhanced edition.

Set three months after the end of Toukiden, Kiwami will see players defending the village of Utaka from an invasion of demons (called Oni) from the north. Tecmo Koei have stated the release will contain “a brand new story of roughly the same size”, expounding upon the origins of the slayers as well as the “Council of Elders”, while for those new to game Kiwami will feature the entire original plot.

The core of Toukiden has always been its gameplay however, and the expansion has given will give it just as much attention, with double the amount of Oni, new weapons, new slayers and over 100 new Mitama. The western release will also be appearing on the PS4, and will support cross-save and cross-play functionality, strengthening the emphasis that Kiwami is placing on co-operative multiplayer with the inclusion of a “new and more powerful move than the “Destroyer”” that can only be executed with allies.

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