World of Tanks: coming to Xbox One, and it’s completely free

According to the Wikipedia entry, tanks are cuboid aquaria constructed of glass or acrylic, made for storing fish, invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals, turtles, and aquatic plants.  Ooh, hang on, that’s fish tanks. Our bad. World of Tanks is not a game about fish, nor is it about a world in which humans have been replaced with heavy-duty military vehicles, but it is a game about tanks specifically, the driving and/or blowing up of them. Most interestingly, it’s a free-to-play MMO and eSports game with a huge following and now it’s coming to Xbox One.

The free content means a low barrier to entry, and while optional paid content such as upgrades, customised parts and vehicles can make your tank all fancy, you can still be plenty competitive in the default tank. You’ll just look like the poor sap who forgot their PE kit, is all.

The Xbox One version is the same as the Xbox 360 version of the game, which was released in February 2014, but with extra shininess, so you can really appreciate the detailing on that tank tread.

Cross-platform play is enabled in the Xbox One version, which shares the same servers as the Xbox 360 version. This means that players can access their old save file, play with other Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, and even switch back to the Xbox 360 version to continue progress. All you need to do is make sure you’re using the same Xbox Live account, and all your save file stuff will be ready.

World of Tanks on Xbox 360 is available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members, so we recommend getting some practice in now.
Cross-platform play is enabled with the xbox one version, which shares servers with the xbox 360 version
Tanks for The userbase
Why did Wargaming release the console version of World of Tanks on last-gen first? To ensure it had a large enough install base a crucial first step if a free-to-play game is to survive.

Tanks for nothing
Day 1 studios, which made World of Tanks, was reportedly sold for $20 million to Wargaming. The franchise is reportedly the “most successful free-to-play game on consoles”. not bad for half the price.

Tanks for The inspiration
Although the pc version came out first, the Xbox 360 game is not a port it was built from the ground up. some of the Xbox 360 features even inspired changes in the pc game.

Tanks for The Weather
Realistic weather? aww, you shouldn't have. snow, rain and night-time conditions will force you to approach your battles in different ways. still in tanks, though. obviously.

Tanks for The idea
What do brad pitt tank-a-thon film fury and World of Tanks have in common? Tanks, duh. The two also have a partnership the main tank from the film was available to buy in the game for a limited time.

Tanks for The extras
Don’t trust free-to-play games? There’s a retail version of World of Tanks, and for your extra money you get a 30-day gold membership, 1,500 in-game gold, 200,000 silver, three days of premium account and a panzer.

Tanks for The support
Wargaming ceo Victor kislyi worried that 75% of players wouldn’t pay a penny, but the game has turned out to be incredibly popular so it’s likely pretty profitable... though the studio won’t give user figures.

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