A Fistful of Gun: Wild, wild west

What do you get if you mix the Wild West with some evil businessmen, throw in some undead warriors and a spirited group of cowboys trying to make the world right again? Well, you get A Fistful of Gun, of course!

Developer FarmerGnome has taken a bit of a different view towards the craziness from the Wild West, and it will be up to players to rid the desert country side of the evil railroad baron Clayton Boon.

In the top-down shooter, Boon wants to build a railroad to hell, but a crazed shaman is intent of stopping him at all cost and this is where the player comes in. Raised from the dead, players can choose from 11 embittered psychopaths to take on Boon and his cronies.

But the fighting is not going to be easy: gamers will have to battle through bandits, bears, braves and boogeymen to stop him.

Each character their own unique control scheme and methods of attack, so it is always better to take on the enemies as part of a team and up to nine people can fight together.

“Gather a posse of up to nine other players for chaotic local and online cooperative modes or square off with other gunslingers at the corral in the white-knuckled versus mode,” the developer states on its Steam page.

If you are up for some Wild West fun with a twist, this top-down run-and-gun title should provide for hours of fun. But just a word of warning for would-be gunslingers: things will get very frantic and it’s not always going to be easy.

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