Accidental destruction in Besiege

The windmill is perched on a rock. High enough that my death-tank, to which I’ve attached a pair of spinning death-blades, can’t actually reach it. The blades spin stupidly in the air as I drive up the side of the rock, flip over, and land on my back. I need to try something else. That windmill must be destroyed. Why? I don’t know, and I don’t care. It must die.

I go back to the medieval drawing board. I decide that simply making a taller death-tank would be the cheap way out, and I decide to try something more elaborate. I create a flimsy wooden frame, brace it to keep it stable, then attach helicopter rotors on all four corners. The frame’s small enough that they’ll lift it into the air. I do a test flight and it works.
That windmill must be destroyed in besiege
Back in the editor, I stick a couple of metal holders on top of my aircraft, then I pop two bombs into them. The idea is that I’ll hover over the windmill in my death-copter, tilt forward, then gently drop the bombs on top of the windmill, blowing it up. I add two more helicopter blades to make up for the added weight, then I start the level.

My amateurish creation wobbles slightly, then heaves itself into the air. With the bombs rattling around on top, unsecured in their holders, it’s almost impossible to control. Then the frame buckles and the craft starts spinning wildly. It crashes to the ground in a fireball, but the bombs just hit the windmill, bringing it crashing down.

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