Battleborn: Mo’ Guns, Mo’ Moba

The rampant success of Borderlands proved that Gearbox So ware knows what it’s doing with both the FPS genre and distinct art direction. Where Borderlands fused the loot systems of MMO games with the twitch-based skill required of the FPS, Battleborn plans to fuse the class-based elements you’d find in the likes of Team Fortress with its familiar co-op playstyle.

But the easiest point of comparison isn’t Team Fortress, Destiny or even Borderlands itself; Gearbox’s newest effort is more similar to League Of Legends. The game has structured itself around the MOBA template, but introduces some key elements that are quite different: for example, there are NPCs populating the map, enemy structures to be taken out and of course it’s in first-person.

The variety offered by Battleborn’s myriad heroes also deserves a special mention of Evolve from Turtle Rock prides itself on how each class complements the other, but the scope on off er from Battleborn defies belief: from melee focused hitters to snipers to archers to heavies, there’s a character suited to however you play. Just think of how even Borderlands was. This is going to be good.

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