Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Epic MMO banishes its subscription fee

By Akatosh, it's been a long old while since we last heard from this massively-multiplayer-online role-player, eh? Well, it's back, and it’s dropped that much-maligned subscription model along the way. With that new subtitle in place, TESO will come to PS4 minus the monthly fee that PC players have been forking out for the last 12 months.

You'll be able to pick up a copy of TESO and play it for as long as you like without forking out extra fees to progress. Instead, there's an in-game Crown store; essentially a pit stop for those less financially burdened to pay for aesthetically-pleasing trinkets. A new mount here, for example, an XP boost there. A premium sub is still available, though, which includes in-game bonuses as well as all future DLC.
“You’ll be able to pick up a copy and play it for as long as you like without forking out any extra fees.”
Tamriel Unlimited touches down complete with the six content updates that have been implemented in the existing game since its PC launch. Sneaking, pickpocketing and NPC-murdering were left out of the game on arrival, but will be on PS4 on day one (just don’t get caught in the act, okay?).

It now means that, like in Skyrim and Oblivion, the (still-alive) NPCs in the world will react to your illegal actions, potentially violently. Get spotted while on the job and you accrue a bounty, for which guards will put the squeeze on you. Keep at your life of crime and you could eventually become a fugitive, running from the law all over your server.

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