Far Cry 4: Valley of the yetis

Far Cry 3 add-on Blood Dragon was a wonderfully risky experiment; by comparison, Valley of the Yetis can’t help but feel disappointingly safe. we’re still in the shoes of the world’s unluckiest eagle magnet ajay ghale, albeit this time he’s recovering from a helicopter crash. Yet once he takes over a relay station while looking for the missing pilot, Ubisoft delivers an unexpected curveball.

It turns out this is a base defence game. its structure has a similar rhythm to Minecraft’s survival mode: you head out into the valley during the day, collecting resources to bolster your new home, before hunkering down as night falls and dealing with waves of enemies. Your base will be targeted on all four sides, but luckily you’re tuned into their radio frequency so you’ll know their angle of attack and can prepare accordingly. You’ll spend cash on explosive barrels, fire traps and minefields to thin out the numbers as they approach. complete side-missions and you’ll get the traps for free, encouraging you to explore rather than heading straight to the waypoint for the next story quest.
An abominable opponent makes night fights even more frantic
Ajay is apparently encroaching upon hallowed ground, and each day an unseen antagonist goads you over the radio, convinced you’re there to steal a sacred relic. but as a framework for the escalating attacks, it works just fine. and before long you’ve got much more to worry about than men with guns and molotovs, a certain abominable creature making those night fights even more frantic. it’s thrilling stuff, and though there’s a distinct lack of variety in the side missions, this is as intense and explosive as Far Cry gets.

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