Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD: Anatomy Of…Tidus

Those of you with a Vita or  PS3 may have already had the pleasure of playing the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X and X-2. If you’ve not, you’ll be pleased to see that Tidus alongside Yuna and her guardians are on a pilgrimage to PS4…

In his home city of Zanarkand, Tidus is a star of the sport of Blitzball, which is a bit like a mix of football and handball, played underwater. You’ll probably spend an inordinate amount of time playing the semi-turn-based sport as you progress through Final Fantasy X and you’ll find that Tidus will be your star offensive player. Make sure you have Tidus learn the Jecht Shot for some easy goals.

At the beginning of Final Fantasy X, Tidus’ home city of Zanarkand is attacked by a monstrous creature called Sin. In the wake of the attack, Tidus finds himself in the world of Spira. After hooking up with locals Wakka, Lulu and Yuna, the group ends up on a quest to defeat the creature that’s terrorising their world and that has destroyed Zanarkand.

Though Tidus appears carefree, it becomes clear that there’s something a bit darker behind that façade. You’ll find out that Tidus has had a rocky relationship with his father, Jecht. Over the course of the game, however, he’ll be forced to revaluate his thoughts on his father. You will also have to rethink precisely who or what Tidus is, though we will leave that for you to discover for yourself.

As is tradition with most protagonists in Final Fantasy games, Tidus wields a sword and is rather nimble in battle. He can also cast time magic, such as Haste and Slow. Having said that, one of the cool things about Final Fantasy X is that its Sphere Grid system can set characters to a specific class or allow you to build their stats as you like.

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