Godzilla: The Game, Things are about to get nasty

Godzilla. Say the name and it gets immediately associated with massive destruction and a giant lizard that can’t keep its anger in check. While it has been the subject of many movies and pop culture references, the monster is no stranger to videogames either.

A number of videogames have actually featured Godzilla in all its glory, and this year is going to be no different. While Godzilla: The Game was released in Japan late last year, the rest of the world will witness its fury in July.

The premise for this one is fairly simple: Godzilla is in search of G-Energy, the substance that makes him so powerful. Humans have been taking the energy from him to better their own lives, but the same energy has now awoken the monster and he is growing stronger.

Playing as the monster, gamers will be able to choose from a number of different modes with Destruction Mode consisting of about 20 levels that Godzilla needs to bash through. The mode will make up the bulk of the “story” mode, as it’s where players will spend most of their time.

Judging from early release trailers and screenshots, it’s clear that things won’t be as easy for Godzilla as simply smashing its way through the city. A number of elements will come into play to try and stop the monster, and every creature always has a weakness.

A fan of the giant, city-destroying hulk? Then you should totally get Godzilla: The Game to supplement your gaming collection. It is a classic in Asian entertainment and it is rather easy to see why it is so popular in Western culture.

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