Grifta morphing gamepad

There have been plenty of rumours, pretty much since the Nintendo Wii’s remote gamepad was revealed back in 2005, that the other manufacturers would follow suit with a controller that could be split into component parts. But rather than wait for Sony or Microsoft to test out the idea, we have Grifta entering the fold. Having easily passed its Kickstarter goals, this morphing gamepad aims to fulfil the needs of every kind of game and make itself available on every format it can.

With kits that allow you to combine one stick for movement with a mouse for aiming (the best of console and PC gaming) or attachments to turn the Grifta into a mobile phone controller, this is an extremely versatile piece of kit. It even has the option of Grifta Antlers, add-ons that turn one half of the controller into a light gun. Very smart indeed.

Every component also appears to be available in both left and right-handed variations, so if you’re a left-hander tired of having buttons and fire commands on your weaker hand, you may finally have a controller that will cater to your southpaw needs. The build quality is looking good, too, although any controller that is supposed to break apart is going to raise some concerns over its long-term durability. It will be interesting to see how the gamepad turns out once it begins reaching the mass market.

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