Guild of Dungeoneering

What do you get when you cross a roguelike, a building sim, a card game, a tabletop RPG, and a character that is overly attracted to adventure and shiny things? You get Guild of Dungeoneering, a fascinating blend of genres from upstart developer Gambrinous.

Most roguelikes put you in control of a player-controller character surrounded by unknown and unpredictable forces in a dungeon procedurally generated outside of the player’s control. Guild of Dungeoneering, however, turns that all on its head: Instead of controlling the character, you are the one controlling the dungeon and the threats in hope of bettering the character. To do this, you pull rooms, monsters, and rewards from a deck of cards and place them to create a dungeon. One factor lies out of your control, however: a boss who lurks in wait and will attack the character after a set amount of turns.

How do you strengthen this warrior enough to beat the boss? You’ll need to get them into rooms and place enemies to fight in order to level them up putting treasure and monsters in the same place is a good idea. You’ll be able to take control of your adventurer once they’re in a fight, battling baddies with a card-based combat system. Win and glory, experience, and loot are yours, lose and it’s back to the drawing board in a somewhat literal sense, given the game’s charming sketchy-art graphical stylings.

The concept behind Guild of Dungeoneering is quite novel, and the gameplay mixes just the right amount of strategy and luck to be exciting every time you send a hero to their potential doom. There are rewards for playing risky stronger monsters drop better gear, and taking on the boss early means that it’s weaker but there’s also a good incentive to play it safer. Ultimately, the fate of these intrepid adventurers will lie in the cards you’re dealt, and it’s up to you to put them to good use.

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