Magicka 2: Friendly fire isn’t.

Four years can seem like a very long time in the realms of video games. It seems like absolute ages since the original Magicka was released, but it actually first arrived in January of 2011. And it brought with it a hilarious level of co-op play that could make or break friendships. Well, the good news is that Magicka is making a welcome return, and this time around it won’t only be coming to PC… there will be a PS4 version available as well.

“Millions of people enjoyed the first Magicka, even after their friends exploded their heads with an ‘accidental’ fire beam,” said CEO of Paradox Interactive, Fredrik Wester. “The next chapter of the Magicka saga is going to introduce new twists on the gameplay and customization options, all presented with beautiful art and animation on the PC and PS4. Our players will be able to control their Wizards the way they like, assuming their fellow spellcasters let them live that long.”

So yes, that addictive four player co-op, complete with friendly fire, will be making a return as players once again take to the world of Midgård. Loosely based on Norse mythology, this world will be full of monsters and bad guys to take on, even if a historic wizard war left very few spellcasters behind. But perhaps the most exciting part of the game is the increased attention paid to customisation. This will see players able to equip different robes, staves and weapons in order to customise the way their character slings spells. The intuitive spellcasting system will also make a return, as well as all the off-beat humour and hilarity that made the first game so great.

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