The Division: Many that are first shall be last, and the last… first

The success of Destiny has proved to be a wonderful litmus test for games like The Division whose premise relies on the same foundations as Bungie’s epic, albeit without the extravagant space-opera setting. Rather, The Division brings the idea of an asynchronous online world to a more domestic setting a world where the USA fell in five days a era virus broke out on Black Friday.
  An awful lot of effort has gone into making The Division’s urban war zones feel authentic we’ve never seen such a detailed in-game city

In this world that’s been torn apart by a virulent plague, Ubi is aiming to make you feel emotionally invested in the lives of people you’ll come across. Playing in teams, enemy AI will attempt to sabotage the remains of a society that’s already teetering on the edge of decay. Human-controlled enemies will be prowling the urban wonderland of Ubi Massive’s imagining, too, but their impact and alignment have yet to be fully revealed. A er seeing how Destiny disappointed those after innovative storytelling from the new wave of massively online console games, we’re excited to see what Ubi can do: Destiny might have been divisive in its MMO hangovers, but The Division looks much more like the co-op action of a Rainbow Six game than it does a loot-’em-up…and that is incredibly promising.

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