Titan Attacks!: Side to side, up and down…

When we looked at Titan Attacks a few issues ago, we really enjoyed the title. It is a fun and easy homage to Space Invaders, modernised for a more complex gamer palette. So when it came along for review on the 3DS, I was personally quite excited… after all, after enjoying the other versions, I thought that the addition of 3D even if just to add depth to the game’s background. So I was more than a little disappointed when, what I thought could potentially be the best version of the game, didn’t have any 3D depth at all.

Not that Titan Attacks is in any great need of 3D. After all, the action takes place in a distinctly 2D plane, with wave after wave of alien attackers descending on the player’s upgradeable ship. As such, it is a fast paced and engaging title, which requires quick wits and even quicker reactions. And it’s not just about dodging bombs, either; every now and then an alien escape pod can be caught, or a craft spiralling out of control can be shot for added points and upgrade cash.

The real problem here isn’t the lack of 3D… it’s the same thing that plagues Titan Attacks on all platforms. As challenging and fun as it is, there really isn’t enough content here. The game ends far too quickly, or just continues in an infinite loop. It’s sad, really, because the premise and overall game dynamics are great fun, and fans of the classic Space Invaders will certainly enjoy this well constructed homage.

Perhaps we’ll see another Titan Attacks game in future, with a bit more variation and content. And a little 3D on the Nintendo hand held would be nice, too.

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