Zombie Army Trilogy: Review

Nazis and zombies: the strawberries and cream of videogame enemies. rebellion recognises that and is singular in its purpose here, turning the bad boys of wwii undead, carrying over the likeable sniping mechanics from its Sniper elite series and letting you run amok on the war-torn streets of Berlin in groups of up to four. it won’t win david Cage’s approval, but there’s a purity to the experience that ensures you’ll still end up enjoying yourself.

Over three campaigns and 15 missions, the game takes on the spirit of that beloved PS2 classic you never got round to. technically it feels as rough and ready as they come aside from the wonderful sniping itself but there’s something about schlepping through gore-filled corridors while an ‘80s grindhouse synth score plays that helps you get past any misgivings.

Well, most misgivings. the combination of sniping, co-op and shambling enemies makes for a 50/50 mix of glorious headshotting and impotent rage as a teammate inches in front of your sights, blocking your view so he can hoover up the kills and keep his combo going. and when the undead get too close for your scope (which is very often, as you’d imagine), secondary weapon kills with your shotgun or assault rifle feel markedly insubstantial. ah well, there’s always ‘nades.

Without any upgrade path and thus little reason to invest in a character, your fun with Zombie army trilogy will ultimately be short-lived. But along the way you’ll reconnect with the raw enjoyment of smashing an undead skull to rotten bits and wish more games were prepared to embrace silliness on this scale.


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