Act of Aggression: Things are going to get hostile

Do you long for the good old days of real-time strategy games, when titles like Command & Conquer: Generals were hugely popular? Of course you do, and lucky for you game developer Eugen Systems is coming to the rescue.

The company’s name might ring a bell, and if you said that they were the developer of Act of War, you would have been spot on. Taking that into account, the developer is behind the wheel of the development for Act of Aggression a spiritual successor the Act of War.

With Act of Aggression, Eugen Systems want to take players back to the era where RTS games where in its wonder years, making use of traditional systems and game mechanics that many players got incredibly familiar with in the 90’s.

While it is a bit of a sequel to their previous games, Act of Aggression will take place in the 2020s where many of the world’s powers have collapse after a global economic crisis.

Playable factions will consist of the US, the Chimera (a United Nations organisation), and the Cartel (the bad guys), and players will be able to choose the path they decide to take in the game’s two separate campaign modes.

Trying to bring back the glory of the traditional RTS games from the 90’s, this one will have base building and resource management like deposits of aluminium, petroleum, electricity, and rare earth elements everything a modern force needs.

Do you remember the nuke from the Chinese campaign in Command & Conquer? Well, this one will also have superweapons.

If you want a RTS like from the good old days, definitely keep an eye on this one.

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