Batman: Arkham Knight, The Batmobile lost its wheel and now there’s a delay, hey!

It got delayed?! Why not just Batarang me in the face, hey?
It’s tempting, but nah, we won’t do that how would you play Batman when the game finally launches on 23 june? To distract you from these dark and troubling thoughts, rocksteady has released almost eight minutes of new, secret-filled footage.

Good, tell me about it while i drink the tears of my disappointment.
Uh, okay… The in-game segment, Officer Down, sees Batman search for a lead on scarecrow, who plans to detonate a dirty bomb. We see Bats’ swifter movement as he glides past the police department and seamlessly grapples onto overhanging wires. Then comes the combat…

Go on then, what’s changed there?
Complementing the ramped-up sound effects and random infusions of super-slow-motion are Batman’s new moves. ‘Fear multi-takedowns’ let you kickstart encounters with takedowns of up to three goons, while a crowd-control grab sees you pirouette enemies away from the herd for an uninterrupted pummel.

Hold on, this makes the wait harder, not easier!
And you haven’t even heard about the awesome Batmobile chase yet. “Press LB to even the odds” flashes on-screen before Bats dives into his motor and screeches off, boosting and drifting around corners. after immobilising a runaway car with immobiliser rockets, he interrogates the dazed driver.

Oh well, back to drinking my tears, I guess
But wait, you weirdo there’s more. The footage ends with a signature interrogation: as Batman hoists the criminal by his throat, he busts out a needle of scarecrow fear toxin, forcing Bats to drop him like 190lbs of clothed meat. “if you’re lying i’ll break the other one.” “The other Wha-AARRGH!” That’s our Brucie for you. In a neat detail, crims in the distance aren’t waiting around for a pummelling like in Arkham City, but doing important criminal business, like jumping on cars and throwing rocks at windows. so there you go bigger city, better combat, seamless vehicle transitions and dynamic interrogations, just to make the delay extra-difficult.

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