Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Magical RPG in this Kickstarter goodness.

In times past, a kindred of magical beings, powerful as they were terrifying, ruled over the planet Umbra. When the planet mysteriously came to a standstill, no longer turning as it should, the repercussions devastated the world. With the Suvian empire, now on the brink of war, traitorous fiends devise schemes for power while whispers of the lost race sweep across the lands. In the midst of this, a town is destroyed by terrible and mysterious foes leaving Amon and a group of strangers to seek the cause of the calamity in a journey far too dangerous.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn based RPG, taking place in a fantasy world known as Umbra. Players step into the shoes of desert scavenger Amon with a love for treasure and the adventures they bring. However, revenge is the adventure he pursues when his hometown is destroyed and thus the tale that unfolds over Umbra.

The combat system has been described as “no-nonsense turn-based battles” however what that will look is yet to be seen. Characters to join the player will each have unique skills, abilities and be able to pair up to combine attributes or activate amazing combos.

Adaptation is the guide by which enemies will look to take players down. With the ability to pair up, even enemies will combine their attributes and utilize combos of their own. With different elemental types, enemies will adapt to attacks too, taking defensive stance when threatened and attacking stance when things go their way.

With alluring grottos, temples and forests strewn across the land of Umbra, Earthlock will pit players against zany foes and ingenious puzzles for an intriguing upcoming title.

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