Hellblade: Ninja Theory shows off enemy art

Hey, beautiful. Come here often? Ninja Theory’s enemy designs may not win any Miss Teen America pageants, but at least the nasties Senua is due to face in Hellblade are a ton more interesting than your garden variety coffin-dodgers.

“As the game is set in a hellish underworld, the original idea was to create an undead army of Vikings,” says Tameem Antoniades, co-founder of Ninja Theory, speaking on the game’s official site. “Call it zombie fatigue, if you like, but I felt that we could and should take it in a more original direction.”
Par For The Horse
Which naturally enough leads to the facially-challenged chap on this ‘ere page. What a looker, eh? The Horse Helmet Guard wouldn’t look out of place in a From Software game; all twisted musculature and skeletal headwear.

His design was actually influenced by a range of eclectic sources. Ninja Theory’s character artists took inspiration from everything from headf*ck horror Jacob’s Ladder to the Silent Hill series there’s definitely a touch of Pyramid Head in old Pony Face. It follows the studio’s downright bizarre, but always thoroughly interesting, take on baddies, with the Helmet Guard sitting proudly next to Enslaved’s dog mechs or DmC’s spindly Ravagers.

Hell Of The Ball
Whether Hellblade can match those endearing gems is another matter. Our studio tour of Ninja Theory last year at least revealed this stabby adventure will sport a truly staggering world if the concept art is full realised. At any rate, judging by the dev’s CV, you’re dealing with PS4’s most gorgeously gruesome prospect. Time to crack some horse skulls…

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