The last night PS4

The last night when it comes to PS4. To start with, there’s the fact that it looks stunning; its beautiful pixel art is used to render a dark cyberpunk world lit by neon lights that adorn an intimidating architecture ripped from the mind of William Gibson or Philip K.

Dick. The setting and style capture our imagination, then, but there’s more that draws us to the game. Influenced by the likes of Another World and Flashback, developer Odd Tales describes it as a cinematic platformer that blends action and infiltration gameplay. While moving between the city’s districts, using taxis, ferries or monorails, you’ll come across an array of characters that you can interact with, a branching dialogue system giving you control over how things will progress. You’ll also be given a choice as to how to deal with in-game events. After finding yourself in a difficult situation, you could try and argue with whoever is confronting you to buy more time, pull your gun on them, or run away. On a conceptual level, there’s nothing we don’t like about this title. Now it’s just a question of whether or not the team behind it can pull it off.  

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