The Questening: A Modest Adventure, The boy who cried wolf-imagination

Modest is a unique boy with a rather expansive imagination. The problem, however, lies in the fact that he has a rather rare mental disorder which prevents him from distinguishing between reality and fantasy. His friends and family endure the wild tales of adventure he continuously tells but when a traveller overhears one of these outlandish tales, he believes the boy. The traveller, far more intrigued by the large wealth and riches the boy claims to have found, sets out to retrieve this treasure with Modest and thus begins their adventure.

Armed with a combination of weapons ranging from swords and arrows to the ability to control time and other sorts of magic, The Questening is set to follow along an RPG adventure driven by Modest’s imagination.

The quests Modest will embark on, are formed from the various conversations he hears from villagers fuelling his imagination rather than villagers sending him off on those particular quests. As he learns more skills, the quest log expands with it, opening up more places for him can explore.

The Questening is said to have a large open world filled with towns, caves and dungeons. The environments will change from bright sunny fields and villages to stormy castle grounds infested with bats to dark caverns and frozen forests. As with any RPG title, monster drops and loot play a big role in advancing characters and levelling up, which the developers of The Questening have placed a big emphasis towards. All loot obtained has been deemed valuable as the more one explores the stronger Modest will get.

This pixelated side-scroller has been developed for all platforms save for handhelds.

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